Wayne Thompson

Wayne has been developing web applications for the past 15 years. With a keen intrest in new technology, he is at the forefront of modern development trends.

Website: http://www.waynethompson.com.au

Where can i get free images for my website

Recently we heard about Shopify Marketer Dan Desilva getting sued because he had stolen images from someone else on the internet (I'm not going to give him the satisfaction of linking to him but you…

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How browsers will handle non HTTP pages in the future.

Whilst watching a webinar with Troy Hunt last night I saw something interesting about what is coming to any input field on a non https webpage.As of chrome 62 when entering data into any field a “Not…

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Migrating Umbraco from SQL CE to SQL Azure.

CREATE LOGIN umbracoUser WITH PASSWORD = '******' GOCREATE USER umbracoUser FOR LOGIN umbracoUser WITH DEFAULT_SCHEMA = "hun-dev"GOEXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', N'umbracoUser'GO…

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Unity tips for newbies

I recently created my first 2D game using Unity 3D in an attempt to learn how the program works. It's a simple 2d Platformer Sandbox level. Nothing fancy and with a lot of bugs but it was an excellent…

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Creating a Meteor package and publishing to atmosphere.com

In this post I am going to create a Meteor package for QuantumUI, a UI component library based on AngularJs and Bootstrap. QuatumUI has many stylish components which you can checkout on their demo…

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Visual Studio Code easy install on Ubuntu

Microsoft recently released a simple code editor named Visual Studio Code. It works on windows, mac and linux sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-desktop/ubuntu-makesudo apt-get update && sudo …

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Page title update on Angular route change

When a route changes in Angular the url hash will update but the page title doesn't.This can be updated in a few easy steps.…

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Cross platform Apps with Visual Studio and Phonegap

Visual Studio now has an add-on to create Cross platfrom Apps.…

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