When a route changes in Angular the url hash will update but the page title doesn't. This can be updated in a few easy steps.

On your HTML, change the title tag to include a ng-bind:

<title ng-bind="'Company Name - ' + $root.title"></title>

Add the route title to your routes config:

                           {templateUrl: '/product.html',  
                            controller: 'ProductController', 
                            title: 'Products'})
                           {templateUrl: '/partials/about.html', 
                            controller: 'AboutController', 
                            title: 'About'});

In your application modules run() when the routeChangeSuccess event occurs update the Root Scope title property

    .run(function ($rootScope) {
        $rootScope.$on("$routeChangeSuccess", function (event, currentRoute, previousRoute) {
            $rootScope.title = currentRoute.title;